Dress code

What to wear during competitions

  • The Club’s Citadin competition swimsuit (to be purchased at the beginning of the season)
    • For boys: the brief lycra or the Jammer lycra.

    • For girls, the superproback High performance swimsuits

    • The high performance swim suits style fastskin, LZR racer or aquablade are allowed during compétitions.
  • The Club’s Citadin swim cap (supplied at the beginning of the season) · The Club’s Citadin T-shirt (supplied at the beginning of the season)
  • Other authorized team-wear earned as the swimmer progress

What to wear during in pool trainings

  • Swimsuit of your choice. Only swimsuits allowed;
  • Swim cap of your choice.
  • No swim caps representing other teams;

What to wear for dry land trainings

  • Shorts, t-shirt and running shoes are mandatory;

To recognize achievements

In recognition of qualifications, the club will provide swimmers with team-wear bearing the emblem of the Club.

  • For swimmers qualifying Provincial Development or age group: Pants
  • For swimmers qualifying P1: A hoodie
  • For swimmers qualifying P2: A jacket

These clothes cannot be purchased. They are awarded based on merit. For swimmers who win team-wear, they may purchase replacement at their own expense.

Official sweater

When reaching level one Timer clinic, an official will receive a shirt with the Club’s crest. This shirt will be replaced as needed maximum once a year.