The training program

The Long Term Athlete Development

Swimming Canada recommends a training program promoting the development of long-term athlete. You will find details by following this link:

Our program uses it as a foundation. Click the program for a detailed review:

The masters program

Being part of the master’s swim team is more than just counting laps in the pool. It is a hands-on way of staying fit, healthy and motivated. Experienced and qualified coaches build a structured program tailored towards adults who wish to improve their technique, keep in shape or improve their times.

What better way to stay in shape than to train with others who have the same fitness goals as yourself. It is a great way of reaching your personal fitness goals, and of meeting and motivating others to do the same.

For those with a competitive streak, competitions will allow you to see just how much you’ve improved. Under the watchful eye of your coach, you can expect to build your technique, strength and endurance throughout the season.

Being part of the master’s swim team is an investment in your health, your personal objectives and in having fun!