Code of conduct for parents

I am a member of Les Citadins Swim Club, as a parent:

  • I will be respectful at all times with the coaches, athletes, officials and other parents. I will communicate with the coach if the child must be absent more than three consecutive training sessions.
  • I will talk with the coach after practice or make arrangements for a meeting in person, by phone or by e-mail to discuss a problematic situation involving my child.
  • I will respect the final decision taken by the coaches concerning the placement of my child.
  • I will let the coach take care of behaviour problems and will not intervene on the pool deck.
  • I will get involved by completing at least one new official training clinic per year and give my time as a volunteer official at three competitions.
  • I will advise the person responsible for volunteers of the time I invested in training and volunteering to help with the system of points earned.
  • I will notify the coach as soon as possible if the swimmer cannot attend the competition for which he is registered.
  • I will encourage athletes to persevere, to excel and to be proud of their accomplishments.