Meet policy

The competition season stretches from September to June (depending on the caliber of swimmer). As the club is a competitive club, the participating athletes that are part of the club are committing themselves to participating in competitions of their caliber. Participation is encouraged, no matter what the level or number of swimmers.

Swimmers are pre-registered to each competition for which they are admissible. Invitations will be sent by email as soon as the competition is published on Swimming Canada. It will also be published on the club website. Members will have until the posted drop date to declare forfeit and pull out of the competition. If no answer is given from the swimmer, they will be registered regardless and the subsequent fees will be billed, even if the swimmer is not present at the competition.

Meet account

  • A competition account will be attributed to each civil swimmer. An account statement will be sent halfway through the season (around spring break, however it is always available upon demand.
  • The competition account acts as a reserve. Depending on the number of competitions a swimmer participates in, an additional amount may be added during the season. The amount is payable upon reception of the account statement by either cash or cheque.
  • In June, any funds left over will be automatically transferred to the next season unless a written demand is made. The demand must be made before October 1st of the following season to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Certain special competitions as well as transportation are not included in the account; therefore the cost will be indicated at the time of registration for the event.