Volunteering policy

The club cannot survive without help from all its members. Organizing a competition demands a minimum of 60 volunteers. It is therefore important for the continuation of the club, and the well-being of our children that everyone participates.


First-year club parents therefore commit themselves to following a timing clinic according to the schedule that will be proposed to them at the start of the season. Parents are expected to follow a new clinic every subsequent year.


Parents commit themselves to complete 2 official events, according to their training but other then timekeeper, either at a home or away meet. The official sign-up sheet will accompany every meet invitation and the parent must confirm their presence and desired position.


To ensure equal participation of all , a deposit check in the amount of $ 50, dated June 1 , will be required at registration . This check will remain as security until the end of the season and will be deposited that volunteering mandate is not filled . To recover the $ 50 volunteer, the family must have accumulated 12 points by participating in the following activities:

  • Volunteer, Timekeeper for 2 points
  • Other official position for 3 points
  • Follow or offer a clinic for 6 points
  • Take part into one of the Club's event comitee for 6 points