Registration policy

Required documents

  • Signed registration sheet along with code of conduct and all included documents.
  • Medical form.
  • Consent form for affiliation with the Quebec Swimming Federation.

Payment policy

  • Full payment for registration along with competition fees must be handed in at time of registration in either cash, bank transfer, or cheque written to Club natation les Citadins.
  • Fees can be either paid in full or in five postdated payments according to the payment chart available on our website.

Registration cancellation

  • Request for cancellation should be sent by email. Starting from the date of the request, the weeks remaining will be reimbursed. No reimbursements after March 1st.
  • Administrative fees and affiliation fees are non-refundable.

Late registration

  • Before January 100% of the fees must be paid
  • From January to March 75% of fees must be paid
  • From April 50% of fees must be paid

Other conditions

  • Without initial payment, a swimmer will not be allowed in the pool. Exception with the school program that benefit of a two weeks tryout.
  • For a cheque with insufficient funds, a first notice will be sent following notice from the bank. A second notice will follow two weeks later, and the final notice will be sent 1 month after receipt of notice from the bank. A $10 administrative fee will be charged for every NSF check.
  • After three notices, if no payment has been made by the member in question, the swimmer may be expelled from the team.