Profil de coach : Heidi

It’s easy to forget that part of the Citadins swim club has practices in the morning before school. Except if you’re a parent, swimmer, or coach, of course.

Heidi De Schutter is one of these coaches, who gets up before the sun in order to help the young high school students in her group become better swimmers and athletes.

A former varsity swimmer herself, Heidi is no stranger to early morning practices before class. She has been a competitive swimmer since childhood, specialising in the 200m fly.  Throughout high school, Heidi swam with the Beaconsfield Bluefins. From there, Heidi went on to study at John Abbott College, where she joined the swim team. She finished her swimming career after graduating to go on to Concordia University in April 2012.

Heidi has been coaching with Citadins since 2014. In that time, she has been striving to find interesting practices that will push her swimmers to continuously progress. She is currently studying at Concordia, and hopes to later work as a graphic designer.