Les nageurs prennent le podium à Terrebonne

The Citadins swim club shone at the meet in Terrebonne last weekend.

The competition included a section for A AA AAA swimmers with finals, as well as a time slot for provincial development swimmers in the afternoon. A large portion of the club was in attendance.

From the qualification aspect, William Denis qualified for his AA standards. Annabelle Lapointe requalified for her A times, which she had lost after her birthday, and Kathy Li achieved her AAA standards.


As for medals, here is a list of swimmers who brought awards home after the meet:


William Denis, bronze in 100m BR

Alexis Duvelle, gold in 50m fly and bronze in 100m fly

Xavier Séguin, bronze in 50m libre

Xavier Séguin, Denis William, Alexis Duvell and Jérôme Arsenault, gold for the 4 X 100m IM relay

Léa Conde, Ophélie Richard, Santina Sidarous-Aguilar and Élodie Turenne, gold for the 4 X 100m IM relay


Provincial development :

Rafael Conde, bronze in 200m libre, gold in 50m br

Frédérique Denis, bronze in 200m br

Rebeca Ménard,  bronze in 50m dos

Béatrice Séguin, silver in 50m br and 200m br

Samantha Wood, gold in 200m libre and 200m dos, bronze in 50m br


Congratulations to all our swimmers!