On nage, on nage, encore et encore

A total of 12, 636 laps were swum at this year’s swim-o-thon on behalf of 62 participants. This number means that together, the club managed to swim 315.9 km – enough to swim the distance between the Vaudreuil-Dorion pool and Quebec City.


Per group, the swimmers who swam the most are:

P.m. elite: Simon Bouchard-Légaré (332)

A.m. GA: Arielle Corriveau (320)

A.m. Dev 1: Luka Baljak (280)

A.m. Dev 2: Catherine Besner (258)

A.m. Dev 3: Élody Cousineau (272)

P.m. Dev 1: Santina Sidarous-Aguilar (268)

P.m. Dev 2: Éloise Latreille (235)

P.m. Dev 3: Roxana Bueno-Nunez (200)

Congratulations to all the swimmers who participated!