Mission, vision and values

Our vision

We wish to inspire and promote our values through the professionalism of our stakeholders, the efficiency of our actions, the support of our partners and the excellence of our athletes.

Our mission

The Citadins swim club is a regional organization whose objective is to allow youth to enjoy swimming as a competitive sport. The club offers and coordinates a civil program and a school program, allowing children to develop continuously in a structured setting.

Our values

We partake in sport to expend energy, to have fun and to stay healthy. It is leisure. Most athletic values are universal: honesty, modesty, courage, tolerance, and honour. More specifically, an individual sport such as swimming teaches us not only how to be deciplined, but also to excel.

  • Ethics, fair play and honesty
    Healthy competition can only happen in a context where the broader value of sport are respected.
  • Health
    To the individual, physical education and sport contribute to improved health and a sound use of leisure time. They allow society to overcome the drawbacks of modern life.
  • Excellence in performance
    This quest for excellence through sporting values is essential and virtuous, both in sport and in everyday life. Courage, perseverance, honour, and working in pursuit of a goal.